In non-pandemic years I run programming clubs, events, and classes in school and out of school to enable more young people, especially girls, to experience to joy of programming. My website shows some of the things we get up to:

During 2020 I had great plans to update my creative programming materials and website and to learn to run clubs and events online. Instead, 2020 is a blur and I keep on finding plans that I can barely remember writing!

I have now started bringing my website up to date and will “soon” add some of the python, java…

Unlike traditional engineering — software does smaller, faster, cheaper all at once; the software engineers at DroidconNYC 2016 share the development of tools, products and backend services for the most awesome technology the world has ever seen.

Design, technology & economic development with ‘Android for All’ is changing the world and taking us all in amazing directions!

This 60 second iMovie of the children of years 3 & 4 at St Stephens shows the pleasure the children have in learning and expressing themselves in code.

Over the school year I show the joy of creative computing to almost hundred children each week in schools and a club on Saturday at the Guildhall in Bath.

I share some of the children’s fantastic creations on twitter and programming-uk, and show the children their fantastic work being ‘liked’ around the world by the creators of the software tools the children themselves are learning with.

Attentive, creative and children doing what they are made for

  • open to learning, and to the…!optimus-bristol/c105z

I took 2 software engineers from Altran to Comic Con Bristol on 9th April.

We used training laptops from Altran, the iPads from BRLSI and a few more laptops from a social company in Bristol, to give creative coding sessions to kids, and anyone else who wanted to learn.

Comic Con is a family event run in support of St Peter’s Hospice, and other children’s charities — we were invited by an autism society, and several are coming to see how we use creating coding to engage with children. We had a great time at Comic Con and even before it finished, Dawid and Maell were asking when they could come again.


Teach Programming

community interest company introducing creative programming to young people, especially girls and those hard to reach. Tweets usually by john :-)

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