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  • Emily M. Bender

    Emily M. Bender

    Professor, Linguistics, University of Washington// Faculty Director, Professional MS Program in Computational Linguistics (CLMS) faculty.washington.edu/ebender

  • Audree Fletcher

    Audree Fletcher

    Leader — digital/product/service design/research/strategy — and mother

  • Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu

    Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu

    A DIY and Tech Enthusiast from Shenzhen China

  • Margarida Romero

    Margarida Romero

    Director of LINE research lab (Pedagogical innovation and digital technologies for Education) (FR). Associate professor at Université Laval (CA).

  • Hanan Khader

    Hanan Khader

    Palestinian-Jordanian serial entrepreneur. Founder of http://HelloWorldKids.Org (Yes I Teach Programming for Little Kids), and Founder of http://AQAR-ESTATE.COM

  • Mary-Ann Ionascu

    Mary-Ann Ionascu

    Tiny person building tiny computers.

  • Angus Hervey

    Angus Hervey

    From Melbourne and Cape Town, with love. Political economist and journalist, and co-founder of futurecrun.ch

  • Alana Massey

    Alana Massey

    I’m sorry I wrote my feelings all over your internet.

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